A diverse schedule of groups and activities combines process, skills-building, psycho-education, self-expression, and coping-skills development.


Group Therapy:

We offer a range of different groups throughout the week including Dual Recovery Anonymous, Anger Management, Art Group, and Grief Support.


Crisis Intervention:

Our trained staff is available to assist during psychiatric emergencies and ensure that necessary supports are put in place to protect the well-being of our clients.


Individual Psychotherapy:

Our clinicians are available to meet weekly with individuals looking for the regular support of a one-on-one therapist.  We strive to collaborate with our clients on specific and realistic goals for therapy. Our Goal-based, one-on-one therapy seeks to develop and strengthen the abilities and skills of every client. Our empathic and skilled clinicians will work side-by-side with individuals wishing to process various life events and challenges in a more private setting. Please be advised, our clinicians do not offer evaluations for court.


Case Management:

Staff is also available to assist clients with getting back on track in their daily lives, by providing support with vocational, educational, benefits and disability-related issues, linkage to community resources and other specialists in the field.


Psychiatric Services/Medication Support:

Our skilled and licensed psychiatrist is available weekly to educate clients about the potential benefits of psychotropic medications as a conjunct to other therapy and wellness services. Clients placed on psychotropic medications are closely monitored for side-effects, benefits, and individual response to particular regiment. Please be advised, our psychiatrist does not offer evaluations for court.